Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Woman of the Month

Ok I know I've been a bit sloppy and late with woman of the month.
But it's back!
For those of you who are new, Woman of the Month is generally never given to the girl who's in the public eye at the moment. Rhianna, for example, will probably never grace this award. Shame.
Now December was a close call. Overshadowed by messrs Downey jnr and Law, Rachael MacAdams was considered as she's a supporting character in the new Sherlock Holmes flick.
The other contender for the award was Amber Heard, co-star to Nicolas Cage in another Nicolas Cage film I refused to see on the grounds that Nicolas Cage is in it.
Obvious really.
After much deliberating and careful...studying...of both women, I settled on a winner.

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