Thursday, 29 December 2011

Been a While

So Christmas is over, it was over for me at the end of boxing day, don't know about you guys.
As those who know me err...know, I only get festive 3 days of the year; xmas eve, the day and boxing day. Before and after that is regular old Jack.
Roll on NYE, God knows I could do with a new year, this one's been SHIT.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yes, December's Woman of the Month is Amber Heard.
Look at her and disagree.

Woman of the Month

Ok I know I've been a bit sloppy and late with woman of the month.
But it's back!
For those of you who are new, Woman of the Month is generally never given to the girl who's in the public eye at the moment. Rhianna, for example, will probably never grace this award. Shame.
Now December was a close call. Overshadowed by messrs Downey jnr and Law, Rachael MacAdams was considered as she's a supporting character in the new Sherlock Holmes flick.
The other contender for the award was Amber Heard, co-star to Nicolas Cage in another Nicolas Cage film I refused to see on the grounds that Nicolas Cage is in it.
Obvious really.
After much deliberating and careful...studying...of both women, I settled on a winner.


So after a fair bit of pain and a lot of sitting around with my head feeling like it was on fire, I am finally blonde.
Well, yellow.
But it's not ginger!
I'm pretty impressed actually, can't wait for it to grow out a bit and look like it did over Summer before I chopped it all off.
That was a bad move.
In other news I'm going to get shitfaced tonight with the old gang, if you're privileged enough to be reading this then expect some sort of drunk text tonight/early hours of the morning.
When the government says young people are drinking too much and when there was the big underage drinking thing a few years back, we all looked at it like 'we don't drink THAT much.'
Then we realised that we are that 10%, we drink too much, smoke too much, take too many drugs and have lots of lovely drunk sex.
Wouldn't change it for the world aha.
Peace, love, gin.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

In other news

quit smoking last week and it's gone pretty well!
Well, cracked last Tuesday (was drunk, in company of gin and other gin-heads).
And OK I'm allowing myself to smoke when I'm pissed.
That's allowed?
And maybe I had one or two to send me to sleep last week.
Big deal.
Either these little evils or I go back to 20-a-day.
I know which I'd prefer.
And I managed to outrun every fucker at football today.
Till my knee gave out.
Then that dodgy ligament from a couple of years ago.
Ah well
Ageing bodies an all that jazz.

Oh my god. God literally.
In Gin form.
Tanqueray is my idol.


I went blonde again today.
Or at least tried to. I've ended up ginge. Tomorrow brings more hair dye.
In other news I'm in my hometown right now, it's pretty chill, spent every day in the pub and I believe it's Venuesday today/night which should be fun, getting trashed with the old crew again at one of Manchester's premier GENUINE indie clubs, not like 5th ave which panders to the charts and the dub-fiends (sers, who goes to an indie club wired!?)
Dub in 5th is shoddy, it's full of chino wankers with their top buttons standing to attention, their barbour jackets waxed to the nines and toms glistening in the uv glow.
Makes me sick.
You want to walk into a nightclub where no-one cares what you look like but you still have a chance of pulling in?
42s, Venue or South.
Fuck the Ritz haha (except for propaganda, it's well sick.)
Scratch that, anything in Ritz is chlamydia.