Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I went blonde again today.
Or at least tried to. I've ended up ginge. Tomorrow brings more hair dye.
In other news I'm in my hometown right now, it's pretty chill, spent every day in the pub and I believe it's Venuesday today/night which should be fun, getting trashed with the old crew again at one of Manchester's premier GENUINE indie clubs, not like 5th ave which panders to the charts and the dub-fiends (sers, who goes to an indie club wired!?)
Dub in 5th is shoddy, it's full of chino wankers with their top buttons standing to attention, their barbour jackets waxed to the nines and toms glistening in the uv glow.
Makes me sick.
You want to walk into a nightclub where no-one cares what you look like but you still have a chance of pulling in?
42s, Venue or South.
Fuck the Ritz haha (except for propaganda, it's well sick.)
Scratch that, anything in Ritz is chlamydia.

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