Thursday, 24 November 2011


Decided against the whole Topic of the week thing.
Smoking in cars will carry on-illegal or not.
The End. :D

Sunday, 20 November 2011

This week's hot topic

Ok, the last time I had a blog (many moons ago), I'd justify keeping a blog by having some sort of regular posting habits.
As you may have seen, there is a 'Woman of the Month', an accolade given to (usually) a very pretty girl in the world of celebrity.
Other than that I thought I'd give my view on something once, twice, however many times a week. Not that anyone will read it, as I am my only follower. Ho-hum.
This week I'll be (largely) ranting and trying to understand the logic behind the proposal to ban smoking in cars.
The reasons for starting smoking, in the eyes of the government, are not all that varied. All the 'major causes' seem to point towards one or more influential figures picking up a fag and sparking up. In our parent's time, it was films, then it was our parents, then it was peer pressure. Strange how the world of nicotine promotion has moved down the glamour chain to our mates, huddled round one cig taking a drag each.
Well, the first time I smoked this wasn't really the case. School skiing trip, year 8. Thought some guys in the year above were pretty cool, they asked if I wanted a cig, I said yes. The rest is mucous cough.
Then there were house parties. Booze was hard enough to come by, you'd get that 'OK I know you're 15/16/17 and you're having a better time tonight than I am so I'll let you off' look from the cashier, and then when you open your mouth 'and err ten...' you get the death stare. The kind of stare people abandon their children and run from. I'll try the next shop. Then you got to the party and you were handing cigs out left, right, centre, everyone wants a piece of this! The same people who tell you you smell when you sit near them after tanning a quick fag on the back field then going into lesson. Wasn't actually illegal in them days, just school-rules illegal.
So, brief history there. Will be resumed tomorrow probably.
Signing out for the night (early morning)
Peace, love, potato cakes.

Top: Another Leeds group pic. Also the hideous coat I stole, which, according to the label inside, was made from '100% Llama'. Curious.
Middle: Me and Kieran
Bottom: Running out of beer money, I resorted to earning myself a beer. In fact, I managed to earn a beer and my bus fare home. Priorities? Sorted.
November's 'Woman of the Month' award goes to Christina Perri.
Could explain why, thought this picture was a better explanation.

So, Blog...

I'm a bit new to blogs. Which is why I've gone for a lovely stock background.
I'm not sure what everyone else uses a blog for (although I remember one that charted sex scenes from films) but I'm gonna be using this as a kinda sounding board for whatever comes through my head that I think will be worth reading.
Who knows, I may even be famous one day.
I'm Jack, I'm an English student at Sheffield Hallam (proven scientifically that English students have better sex). I, like most students, like music and drinking. 5 tattoos (and counting), none of which have any significant or tribute/mourning based meaning. They're just there.
Have fun, be in bed by 9, don't tell your mum and stay classy.

(L-R) Chief, Creamer, Steve, me, Andy, Mike (Standing).
My American Friend Steve on his last day in England before he went home. Also the last time I was pictured with blond hair :o