Friday, 13 January 2012

Album of the, er, Update.

Ok dudes and dudettes, from now on as well as woman of the month, we shall be having a frequent album of the moment.
Now before I start doing it, I'm not sure how often I should update this feature.
A month is a long time for me and an album, so weekly sounds good, right?
That overwhelming wave of 'yes!' settles it.
Album of the week then, and this week I thought old school (potential badasses take note of the spelling).
This week I've been listening to a 1980's inspired mix of Velvet Revolver's first album, Contraband, and dabbling to and fro in the Guns 'n' Roses back catalogue, of which, without being cliché, Appetite is by far the best.
But which to choose?
I think, on balance, it would have to go to Appetite. Put it this way; every girlfriend I've had has a copy of it, and so should everyone else. It is one of those must-have albums for rock fans everywhere. In fact, that's probably a better idea for this feature. Yes.
And so it shall be, Jack A. Graham's Must-Have Albums. New for 2012.

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